Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in Westfield, NY, but we do not currently have our own storefront. We bake out of Calarco’s Restaurant (15 Market Street), which is where all orders can be picked up. 


Q: Do you deliver?

A: Yes! We deliver to the following areas only: Dunkirk, Fredonia, Westfield, Brocton, Forestville, Silver Creek, Irving, and Cherry Creek, Monday through Friday, from 8am-3pm. There is a $5 delivery fee (pick-up is free).


Q: What products do you offer?

A: We have three menus on our website with the products that we offer and their respective prices. We offer cupcakes, cake bites, cookies, and cookie sandwiches. We do not offer anything that isn’t on our menu. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated as we continually add new/seasonal products. View menu!


Q: What does a “custom order bakery” even mean?

A: A “custom order bakery” means that we make what you have ordered especially for you, with fresh ingredients, for the day of your choosing. It means that we do not have products set aside, already made up, in the fridge or freezer, before anyone has even ordered it. It does not mean that we can customize our products to look a certain way for your theme (typically using fondant, which we do not use on our products). Sugar cookies, sugar cookie toppers for our cupcakes, and changing the color of our vanilla buttercream on our cupcakes are the only customizable products and options we offer from a design standpoint. Send us pictures of your ideas and we would love to recreate them to the best of our ability!


Q: Can I go to Calarco’s and buy your treats there?

A: Short answer: no. We will occasionally offer cupcakes or cookies for sale at Calarco’s, typically that come with a dinner special, but we do not offer anything for walk-ins. All treats must be pre-ordered unless you have seen a Facebook post stating that we have things for sale on a specific night. We also do not make any of the desserts that they offer on their menu.

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Q: Are your products nut/gluten/dairy free?

A: While many of our items do not include nuts, our kitchen is not nut free, and our ingredients are stored near raw nuts and/or products that contain nuts. All of our products also contain gluten and dairy unless otherwise specified in the product description. We cannot be held responsible for allergic outbreaks.


Q: Do you make wedding/birthday cakes?

A: No! We only offer what is on our menu.


Q: Do you do weddings?

A: Yes! You may order any of the treats on our menu, in any quantity, for either pick-up or delivery. We would love to work with you if you like a certain frosting design for cupcakes over what is pictured on our menu, as well as changing frosting colors and toppings.