Welcome to Buttercream Babe! The one stop sugar shop that your sweet tooth has been drooling over for ages. We offer custom cookies, cupcakes, and cake balls for all your events: birthdays, graduations, weddings, holiday parties, you name it. We won't even judge you if you order a dozen cupcakes for yourself to eat in bed while you binge watch that new show everyone is talking about. Promise.

Buttercream Babe is a custom order bakery based out of Westfield, N.Y. One thing, and one thing only, created this business: Love. Love for spending time in the kitchen creating the perfect cookie. Love for the pretty sprinkles on the cake balls. And especially the love of seeing friends and family make incoherent compliments about the sugar-splosion happening inside their mouths as soon as they take a bite.


The menu is ever evolving as new flavor pairings come to fruition and there will be limited-time-only sweets and special offers. The point is: keep your ears wide open and eyes staring directly at our... um, cupcakes. Although we do not have a storefront yet where you can come on in and sit your pretty little toosh down to enjoy some cake and a cup of joe, all orders can be picked up at Calarco's Restaurant, 15 Market St., Westfield.

Thank you for your business! We hope you enjoy that big city taste from our small town lovin'.